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  4. Will 12222 be the year of Saturn-Pluto conjunction?
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Otherwise, you may encounter hostility in others in the form of threats, abuse or intimidation. Choose your battles carefully and think twice before acting. Mercury opposite Saturn and Mars opposite Saturn brings negativity, bad news, mistakes, inhibition, frustration, and delay. It increases the risk of anger, envy, jealousy, meanness, rejection, verbal and physical abuse, and bullying, This can lead to separations, isolation, poor self-esteem, communication problems, and sadness. The key to avoiding such negative consequences is to keep yourself busy by working hard on your dreams.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. So controlled release of energy through sustained effort is best. Self-discipline, patience and steely determination can lead to satisfying results. Mercury trine Neptune and Mars trine Neptune bring harmony, sensitivity, and empathy to overcome the Saturn negativity and meanness mentioned above.

Relationship problems can be avoided with compassion and nonverbal communication. In fact, increased sensuality, charm, and karmic attraction make this a good full moon for passionate romances and finding your soulmate. These positive Neptune aspects help you see the bigger picture. With increased creativity and imagination you can dream up a better future. With increased intuition with spiritual courage, you can fight for your rights and act on your plans to make your dreams come true.

Moon conjunct Jupiter brings optimism, generosity and good fortune. Good intentions breed success, especially with those things related to growth and happiness. It could be an overseas holiday, a financial investment or an intimate relationship. Your caring and supportive attitude can bring new friendship and favors from others.

This is a good full moon to join groups, start a long journey, enroll in a higher education course or take legal action. Births and marriages will benefit from growth and good fortune. Since our zodiac was developed over years ago, the precession of the equinoxes has moved the Sign of Sagittarius into the Constellation of Scorpius. And because astrology was originally based on the visible constellations, I prefer to use this old fashioned method instead of the Signs, which are purely symbolic and totally unrelated to astrological activity.

Full Moon June [Stellarium]. Fixed star Aculeus gives a tendency towards a morbid outlook, seeing the worst rather than the best in everything. But it also gives a very sharp mind and a perception well above average. Constellation Serpens is said to give wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison. Constellation Ophiuchus is said to give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, unseen dangers, enmity, and slander. The June 17 full moon in the Tail of the Scorpion points to negativity, mean-spiritedness, and sadness in love.

While Jupiter square Neptune can test your faith with disappointments, Saturn sextile Neptune gives a healthy dose of reality that lowers the risk of delusion and deception. Mercury conjunct Mars brings quick thinking and a sense of urgency. But opposite Saturn it points to frustration, heated words, and even hatred. Thankfully, the trine to Neptune gives compassion and empathy to avoid conflict.

It also gives the passion and vision to make your dreams come true. A full moon has a relationship to the previous new moon. Your June 3 new moon goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time.

The June new moon gave an incredible amount of energy and courage to succeed in realizing your dreams. But it also stressed the need for caution. So avoid overoptimism and protect what you already and have.

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The June 17 full moon is also the last moon phase before the July 2 solar eclipse. So it is important to look back at the previous eclipses that started this eclipse phase. There are only two weeks left to complete what you started about five months ago. He enters his shadow on Oct 14th, sextiles Saturn Oct 14th, trines Neptune on Oct 15th and sextiles Pluto on Oct 19th, the day his apparent speed falls below a degree per day.

Venus overtakes faltering Mercury on Oct 30th at 28 Scorpio. Mercury stations retrograde at this degree on Oct 31st, the supposed Brexit day, potentially a real cliff hanger and an inevitable about turn. Mercury sextiles Pluto 2nd time on Nov 10th, transits the Sun at 19 Scorpio on Nov 11th, and then as a morning star, sextiles both Saturn and Pluto, for the 2nd time on Nov 13th, an immensely serious, sobering and penetrative day at the time of the Full Moon. Mercury stations direct on Nov 20th at 12 Scorpio, and for the final time, finally trines Neptune on Nov 28th, now back up to speed, finally sextiles Saturn on Nov 30th and finally sextiles Pluto on Dec 3rd.

Mercury leaves his shadow on Dec 8th, and leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on Dec 9th. Quite a dance this one, looking forward to it. It gets beneath the surface, delves for truth, seeks answers and embraces the mystery. A change of the astrological wind direction today as Mars enters Libra. Wake up to a new social reality. Venus and Mars are in Libra for just three days, before Venus moves on seeking deeper sensation. Blocked energy. Up against fate. Testing days. Mars resides here for 46 days.

The Mars in Libra period is indecisive. All alternatives are considered before action is taken. Motivation is social. Communication and artistic expression are to the fore. This is a tough residence this time. Mars squares Saturn on Oct 27th, which is akin to accelerating with the brakes on. Mars squares Pluto on Nov 5th which is potentially violent. Mars sextiles Jupiter on Nov 12th which is much more optimistic. Mars leaves Libra for Scorpio on Nov 19th.

The Moon is then void of course for 10 hours. Ground zero. A mixture of shrewd practicality and tough composure evident today. Crisis in initiating action. Venus and Mars in Libra, charm offensive. All serious, all purposeful, slightly somber Moon applies conjunct Saturn. A day simply to work through but there is an underlying sense of trouble ahead, notably Mercury opposite Uranus and Sun square Saturn tomorrow. Midway between eclipse seasons. A jagged razor like 'blue blood' day. Sharp wits, cutting words, cruel intentions.

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Venus and Mars are also in Libra. Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn. There are 82 days to the Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice.

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We are in inter-eclipse season weeks. Mercury is now a direct evening star in Scorpio. Venus is now in Libra, as an evening star. Venus slides into Scorpio tomorrow.

90 Best Astrology Awesomeness images in | Gut feeling, Horoscope, Horoscopes

She is an evening star for the remainder of Venus is retrograde from May 13th at 22 Gemini to June 25th 5 Gemini. Mars is in Libra. This is a tough residence. Jupiter is now moving direct in Sagittarius. This is a visionary time.

The motivation here is a need to move, to grow, to seek freedom, to expand and to 'open up'. Optimism, energy, forthrightness, faith in the future and expression of adventure are the hallmarks of the residence. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius adds wit and wonderment before the inevitable astrological maelstrom of when he joins the two heavy weights in the sign of the goat.

Jupiter is all the time moving towards the union with Saturn and Pluto in the last decan of Capricorn. Jupiter then moves on to conjunct Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces in This will be a 'mutation conjunction'. It is the first of an unbroken series of Jupiter Saturn conjunctions in Air signs which extend till around Since all the Jupiter Saturn conjunctions have been in Earth signs, with the exception of the triple conjunction.

Saturn is direct in Capricorn. The energy of Saturn in this sign is dense, practical, realistic, industrious on a huge scale, formative, establishing and sustaining. Saturn was last in Capricorn between and Using these criteria, grand sextile patterns occurred only 2 times between and The dates and approximate times when the maximum orb between two planets is at a minimum are:.

Will 12222 be the year of Saturn-Pluto conjunction?

A third grand sextile is actually just as impressive. It lasts for about a day and involves 7 planets. Uranus and Neptune are conjunct. The Moon moves into the 6th point of the grand sextile pattern, but Saturn and Neptune aspect Mars with an orb of over 5 degrees. A peak time of this grand sextile pattern is:. In addition to this data, Sirius 1. Shown below is a graph when 5 planets, not including the Moon, are at 5 points of the grand sextile pattern. Because the Moon moves much faster than other planets, one may wish to see when 5 planets come are at 5 of the 6 points of a Grand Sextile pattern.

If the Moon moves into the 6th point, then a grand sextile pattern is formed.

Astrology of Today – Monday, November 12, 2018

The height of the lines indicates how close the orbs are and how many times a 5-planet pattern occurs. For example, if 6 planets form a grand sextile pattern, then there will be many 5-planet patterns and the score will be very high. Also, if 5 of the 6 points of the grand sextile pattern are occupied with a planet and one or more of the points are occupied by two planets that are conjunct, the score will be higher.

The graph shows when the patterns are occurring and how strong they are. As we can see from the above graphs planets move into grand sextile aspects sporadically. I thoroughly analyzed grand sextile patterns through the year , but it appears from the graph in Figure 2, and also in the data presented in the Appendix, that there are likely to be grand sextiles in Children born at these times have a "Star of David " pattern in their birth charts. This might seem to be very special. It is certainly very unusual.

Did something occur in world events that was similar during these three time periods? Was there somthing special related specifically to the planets involved, the signs that they were in and rule? There are many schools of astrology and many approaches to astrological interpretation. Astrologers with different points of view now have this data available to interpret. The analysis could be done again with different orb, and including asteroids if desired.

I am one of the programmers of Sirius and I added a feature to Sirius to assist in obtaining these results. Owners of Sirius who wish to conduct similar research can install an update to the software. In the Electional Astrology Graph feature of the Sirius an Kepler software one can select 3 or 4 planets in a harmonic configuration.

This feature allows us to greatly narrow down the number of possible times that a grand sextile occurs, but still requires manually going through the data to see when 6 planets are in grand sextile aspect. I added a feature to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to find the grand sextile patterns. There are four new features: 1 Up to 5 planets in a harmonic can be analyzed.

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Previously only 3-planet and 4-planet patterns could be identified.